Saturday Night Live Bumper Photographer Honored in New York Exhibit


The long running Saturday Night Live has a lot of traditions, and one of those is the 'bumper photo.'  You know, those pictures of the guest stars that pop up right before and after commercial breaks.  They're not just stock photos of the celebs, but images captured - for the last seventeen years - by Mary Ellen Matthews.

The photos have a definite style to them, and are among the most interesting images captured of most celebrities.  Paul Giamatti standing with an apple in his mouth, Will Ferrell sitting in a giant teddy bear, and Hugh Laurie donning a pair of antlers are among some of the more memorable.

Selected photographs from her seventeen year tenure as SNL's bumper photographer will be running in an exhibit called "Live From New York: A Decade of Portraits," at the John Varvatos store, formerly CBGB.

SNL star Kenan Thompson attended the exhibit's opening night, and commented, "She brings out different people in well known people's personalities every week. Sometimes it's action packed, but she always captures things in a very special way."