Sanho HyperDrive Album - Photo Viewing and Backup on the Go

So you're traveling light but you still want to be able to back up and view the photos you've taken.  A laptop is out of the question, and a netbook is just too bulky.  

The HyperDrive Album is a compact handheld device with a 4.8" widescreen VGA display and support for sixteen million colors.  It will display "virtually all types of image files" according to the website, and sports a RAW image decoder that can display photos up to the pixel level. 

Sanho's HyperDrive does more than just display photos though; it's an incredibly fast backup device as well.  Whether using CF of SD cards, you can back up as much as 2GB worth of data - with full verification - in just a minute.

You can pick up the HyperDrive with as much as 640GB of memory ($599), or as an empty shell($299) that you can put your own SATA hard drive into.  It's fast to boot up and a single battery charge will last through 200GB worth of data back-up.

The HyperDrive is available through the company's own HyperShop and is shipping now.