SanDisk is Shipping 1GB Write Once SD Cards for Law Enforcement

SanDisk WORM.jpg

SanDisk's latest SD cards don't operate in the traditional sense.  You can't use them over and over like standard memory cards.  Instead, you've got a single chance to write on the card, much like burning a CD.

The company refers to this type of card as WORM, which stands for "write once, read many."  Admittedly, it doesn't seem to have a huge amount of applications for the average photographer, but when it comes to law enforcement, WORM cards can prove invaluable.

Since WORM cards can't be rewritten, there's no opportunity for the cards to be tampered with.  This makes them ideal for crime scene and other evidence photos.  They've also got, according to SanDisk, a hundred year shelf life.

Of course, just because they're serious cards doesn't mean they can't be fun too.  Imagine a photography contest where everyone gets a 1GB WORM card and a few hours to put a portfolio together - no reshoots, no edits.

There's no announcement of pricing yet for the WORM cards, but they're available now through the SanDisk business division.