SanDisk announces CFast 2.0 Memory Card Development is Underway

SanDisk-logo2.jpgThe folks at SanDisk are looking towards the future with the new memory cards they're working on. CFast 2.0 memory cards were just announced by the CompactFlash Association and SanDisk is right on top of development.

The new CFast 2.0 standard is capable of up to four times the speed of existing CF cards, making them well equipped to handle 2K and 4K video. It's not something many of us have to worry about yet, but with more TVs and projectors adopting 4K Ultra-High Definition, it won't be long before HDSLRs become UHDSLRS.

SanDisk is letting camera manufacturers sample their wares now in order to ensure that both the card and camera are designed in a way that allows for the full potential of CFast 2.0 to be reached.