San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Asks "Is Photography Over?"

Photography Over.jpg

13 experts gathered in the auditorium of the San Fancisco Museum of Modern art (MOMA) to answer the question. The question, in and of itself, got a wide range of answers, but one thing was agreed upon.  Photography can't be nailed down.

Some of those on the panel regarded the massive switch to digital imaging in the last decade or two as a blow against the art form, but others said that it was freeing.  "What is over is the narrow view of photography," wrote curator Vince Aletti. 

Trevor Paglen, an artist and teacher of geography had a similar sentiment.  "Photography for me denotes a wide range of imaging practices," he argues.  "This includes everything from 'art' photography to iPhone snapshots, from MRI scans to the infrared eyes of CIA predator drones."