Samsung's New Micro SD Cards Can Handle up to 43,800 Hours of Continuous Video Recording.

Samsung PRO-Endurance-128-GB.jpg
When Micro SD cards entered the market 13 years ago they were initially available in three sizes from 32, 64, and 128 MB with a promised future capacity of up to 2 gigabytes. Because of their diminutive size, that was a big deal. They were first used in mobile phones to add extra storage and then manufactures realized they can just charge the consumer more money to add internal memory and they all but disappeared from phones in 2015. 

But technology is getting smaller and smaller and other devices started to come along to keep the product alive, namely action cams as well as surveillance and security cameras. As we've covered here a bit as of late surveillance cameras used to cost thousands of dollars and require expensive hard drive solutions or third-party services to make them worth anything. That's not the case today with over a handful of high-end camera options for your car or home that can be had for just a hundred bucks to start. 

The problem is micro SD cards were never made to handle the constant recording and re-writing that video demands and they especially weren't made to handle the large file size that 4K video demands. 

Samsung is changing that with their announcement of their PRO Endurance microSDHC™/microSDXC™ card that's available in sizes up to 128 GB. These cards were made for the rigors of the modern recording devices. With speeds of 100 Megabytes per second and FHD and 4K recording with write speeds of up to 30 Megabytes per second. Samsung claims their PRO Endurance cards offer 25 times higher endurance than previous speed-focused cards. In order to back up those claims, the cards come with a five-year limited warranty.

FHD stands for Full HD and it's basically 1080p. Now just so we're clear, they're not saying these little 128gb cards can store 43,800 hours of FHD footage, because that's impossible. What they're saying is that they can handle non stop use for 43,800 hours, which is five years... the exact length of their warranty. 

In a quote from their press release Un-Soo Kim, senior vice president of Brand Product Marketing, Memory Business at Samsung Electronics said:

"Consumers want to feel assured with their video surveillance solutions, and the need for longer-lasting, higher performing memory cards that can withstand extreme conditions and capture critical moments is at an all-time high... Samsung is proud to again advance what is possible in memory card technology with the introduction of the PRO Endurance, which offers security-minded consumers the industry's highest levels of endurance and optimized read/write speeds for immediate access to critical surveillance content."

These little cards made in 32, 64 and 128GB are made for rough work too as they feature Samsung's 4-Proof Protection and are Water, Magnetic, Temperature, and x-ray proof. These are perfect for dash cams on your car, body cams for police and first responders and general security cameras. 

This is exciting, these cards have 100 times the capacity and 1000 times the usefulness of the first cards released in the micro sd card line 13 years ago. Imagine where the next 13 years takes us. 

You can buy the Samsung PRO endurance memory right now for $89.99 for 128GB, $44.99 for 64GB and $24.99 for 32GB. The cards definitely aren't cheap, but in this case if they're as tough as Samsung says they are, they're probably worth every penny.