Samsung's New 20nm Flash Card Chips Mean Better Performance

Samsung announced today that the company has begun production of the world's first 20 nanometer chips for SD cards.  According to Samsung, these new cards are up to 30 percent faster than the 30 nanometer chip cards they've been selling until now.

"In just one year after initiating 30nm-class NAND production," says company president Soo-In Choo. "Samsung has made available the next generation node 20nm-class NAND, which exceeds most customers requirements for high-performance, high-density NAND-based solutions."

Samsung's new cards have a write speed of 10MB/s and a read speed of 20MB/s.  They'll also be bigger.  You'll start seeing them in smaller sizes now, but Samsung has stated that 64GB versions should be hitting shelves this September.