Samsung's "Moments of Wonder" Contest Could Net You a New Camera or Monitor


A "Moment of Wonder" could be anything really.  Maybe it's when you finally got the new car you've been dreaming of, or when your son graduated high school.  Maybe it's your new kitten doing something adorable or a cookout with the whole family.  Whatever the moment, Samsung wants to see it.

In return, one lucky winner a week will get a 24" Samsung LCD monitor and 42 will get a Samsung DualView 12.2 Megapixel Camera.  All you have to do is submit your picture or video on Samsung's "Moments of Wonder" website and hope for the best.

Photos will be judged on whether they fit the theme, showcase Samsung in some way, and creativity.  There's also a small (10 percent) part of the judging process that will consist of your rating in the Samsung gallery, where people can go and vote on their favorite pictures.

The contest runs until July 13th, and you can enter each week until then.