Samsung is Giving Away Tablets with Mirrorless Cameras in the UK

Sammy-give-away.jpgSamsung is running an incredible promotion in the UK right now.  If you buy a NX20, NX210, or NX1000, you get a free seven inch Galaxy Tab 2. The promotion lasts until early January, so there's plenty of time to take advantage of it.

This is a crazy good deal, especially if you're picking up the NX1000, which is already a relatively inexpensive camera.  Even better is that this isn't a mail-in promotion.  You'll get your camera and tablet in store on the same day - in the case of Amazon orders you'll get both sent at the same time. 

As you might imagine, we're really hoping this promotion makes its way over to the states.   Samsung, if you're reading this, make it happen.

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