Samsung Exec Says Non-Connected Cameras Will Soon be Irrelevant

Thanks to the increased popularity of smartphones as picture taking devices, camera makers have had to think fast and created connected devices of their own, allowing users to utilize the same kinds of apps they would on a smartphone but with the added bonus of having a great camera attached.

Samsung VP Sunhong Lim says that connected devices are the clear future of cameras. "Once people experience the technology they love it and once they love it," says Lim, "then they buy it." He says that the initial targets are young people, with older demographics being brought into the fold later.

Lim says that we can expect cameras to have the same processing power as smartphones and that it's not going to be surprising to see 3G/4G capabilities baked right in. Lim also suggests that we might see mobile service providers jump in and subsidize cameras just like they do with phones. The Samsung MV800 is a prime example of cameras merging with smartphones, with it's App style GUI and touchscreen interface.

Source: DP Review

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