Samsung Chromebooks Might be Getting a Fancy Sony Camera Sensor

(current generation Samsung Chromebook Plus shown)

Chromebooks are a necessity in today's modern world. The majority of people don't need a laptop that can edit 4K video or play uncompressed video games. The majority of people need a laptop to stay connected. Chromebooks offer a cheap and easy way for people to access the internet to send email, read stories, write stories or chat with family and friends.

The downside of being a cheap laptop is, well... it's cheap. The majority of its parts are cheap. The screen is low-rez, the body is made of plastic and the cameras are just plain awful. Like isn't it nice that Aunt Trudy Skyped me from 1998.

Chromebooks have been getting better each year... except for that camera. It still harkens back to a time when it was added more as a novelty than as something actually functional.

According to Tech Radar, that could be changing very soon:

"We've been passing along news about a rumored "Nautilus" Chromebook
from Samsung for a while now, but suddenly it looks a lot more interesting
than it already did.

For one, a developer conversation on the Chromium repository explicitly states
that it's a Samsung product. For another, it claims the device will sport a 13MP
Sony IMX258 camera sensor, reports Chrome Unboxed.

That means that the Nautilus - which is rumored to be a detachable two-in-one
device like the Microsoft Surface Book with a stylus - will also likely have the
same main camera we find on the LG G6.

Most Chromebooks seem to scrimp on cameras out of an apparent belief that
the usual 720p devices won't be used for much else besides video calls, but
a good camera like the IMX258 would make sense for a Chromebook that
can double as a tablet."

That's big news for the Aunt Trudy's of the world. The LG G6 has a great little camera on it and it would make the Samsung Chromebook exponentially more desirable.

Fingers crossed it happens.