Samsung Brings HD Pictures to Mobile Phones

It's always a bit odd to meet someone who loves taking photographs, but relies on their mobile phone to do so.  You know the type; they have thousands of pictures and videos of their friends that look great until they get transferred to a computer or picture frame.

Samsung will soon be making it possible to capture high resolution images from cell phones though, with the introduction of two new CMOS image sensors. 

Both the S5K4E2 and S5K5CA sensors will enable clearer, sharper images to be taken from cellular phones.  They've got a decent focus range for camera phones.  Each is optimized to shoot from around 13cm out to infinity.  

The S5K5CA also adds 720p video capability and a ten percent improvement in signal-to-noise ratio.  There's also been a bit of a boost in speed too, as the new chip will process and flip JPEGs more efficiently.

Samsungs new chips also enable features such as bar code and business card scanning.  You can expect to start seeing products carrying the new chips later this year, says Samsung.