Samsung Adds Five New NX Lenses

The NX10 camera system is expanding.  With each new lens comes added versatility and added functionality.  Samsung's upcoming releases will make a total of eight lenses available to be used with the NX.

The first of the new lenses to come out - sometime in the first half of 2010 will be a standard zoom lens (18-55mm / F3.5-5.6, Non OIS). 

The second half of 2010 brings more excitement with a pair of new lenses hitting the market.   You'll get a compact zoom lens (20-50mm / F3.5-5.6) and a much more compact pancake lens (20mm / F2.8).

There are two lenses which have been announced but don't yet have release dates.  There are the super zoom lens (18-200mm / F3.5-6.3 OIS) and a macro lens (60mm / F2.8) which should make a lot of NX users very happy.

Mr. S. J. Park of Samsung says that a focus on economy is paramount, though economy must also remain a goal.  "We know from our detailed research that what consumers want from their cameras is evolving ," he says. "They're looking for compact and stylish products of a high performance, while retaining a focus on value. We've reflected these demands throughout the development of our lens technology for the NX10 and forthcoming NX range."