Samsung ITCAM-7 - The World's First HDD Digital Camcorder

LAS VEGAS--Jan. 9, 2003--Samsung Electronics today unveiled the ITCAM-7 - the world's first Hard Disk Drive (HDD) digital camcorder. The device offers today's consumers a variety of options to capture their favorite moments - whether on video, audio or image. Rather than tape, Samsung's ITCAM-7 uses a 1.5 GB HDD to store still and motion pictures, as well as music, audio and data files - enabling it to hold more than one hour of high-quality footage. And, thanks to its built-in USB 2.0 port, transferring an hour of footage to your computer takes only five minutes. The ITCAM-7 saves each new shot as a separate media file, making it possible to locate a specific clip instantly and simple to organize media clips for editing. Editing software is bundled with each ITCAM-7 for consumer convenience. The ITCAM-7 also works as a portable movie player. An MPEG-4 media file can be played back - 30 frames per second - at 640x480 screen resolution on its two-inch trans-reflective screen, or a TV screen. Through its embedded RCA port, the ITCAM-7 can connect to a television or VCR to display or record audio-visual content. Media formats such as MP3s are also supported for playback.