Samsung Introduces World's First Rechargeable CR-V3 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

(One more item that we "missed" during the show...)

SECAUCUS, N.J., March 2, 2003 – Samsung today announced the launch of the world’s first rechargeable Lithium-Ion CR-series battery pack. Called the Digimax Battery I-Pack, it can replace two conventional AA cells or a single CR-V3 battery in today’s digital cameras while providing the high voltage and low temperature performance they demand.

A single Samsung I-Pack doesn't just do the job of two conventional cells -- it delivers better performance too. When used in a digital camera, with the power hungry LCD preview screen turned on, the built-in flash used for 50% of the exposures, and making continuous shots every thirty seconds, two AA alkaline batteries will last only eleven minutes and take approximately twenty-four photographs. Replace those two AA alkaline batteries with the new Samsung I-pack, and the same camera, used under the same conditions will last for 130 minutes and make 280 shots!

Samsung’s Digimax Battery I-Pack recharges in just two hours, and unlike other rechargeable technologies of the not-so-distant past doesn't have a “memory” and can be recharged many times without ill effects or shortening the effective battery life. Even if you stick your camera up on a shelf with fully charged batteries, it will last more than six months before power begins to fade. The Digimax Battery I-Pack uses Lithium-Ion batteries and has a built-in constant voltage circuit for increased stability and comes with a battery charger that's capable of charging Ni-MH batteries as well. So when the I-Pack's Lithium-Ion battery pack needs to be recharged, you can substitute Ni-MH batteries in a pinch.