Samsung developes 1GB flash memory

(translated from the 13th Oct. ComTimes)

Samsung announces that they have developed a 1GB flash memory for the first time. It is four times larger than 256MB flash memory developed by Toshiba in March.

The company has adopted a 0.15-micron processing mechanism and CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization, a process to get silicon wafers super flat for processing.) It works at 2.5 volts. So, it's suitable for portable products. Demand for flash memory is on the increase because of the skyrocketing sales of MP3P's and digital cameras.

It is expected that total market sales of flash memory will be million this year and approximately million by 2002, which would be about a 70% increase. Samsung expects that their income from flash memory will be million this year and million by 2002. At present Samsung enjoys a 40% market share, all the other major semi-conductor manufaturers are fighting for the remainder of the market.