Russian Photographer Survives Polar Bear Encounter

Maxim Deminov a Russian photographer for the World Wildlife Fund had a crazy standoff with a Polar Bear... and won. 

Polar bears are not like Grizzly bears or Brown Bears, they don't have a lot of contact with humans and they still view us as prey. This Polar Bear in the Video is not quite three years old yet, so, Maxim was lucky that it wasn't full sized. If you watch the video and I apologize for the annoying commentary and music, you can see that he's the aggressor in the situation. He actually HISSES at the bear and then charges it to scare it away. 

Ryrkaypiy is a rural part of the very northeast of Russia and is only home to less than 800 people but can host over 5000 walruses at certain times of the year. To us, Walruses are, well, just walruses. We don't eat them or domesticate them, but to a polar bear, however, a walrus is a tasty fatty treat. That makes Ryrkaypiy a must-stop destination for lunch while the polar bears are migrating. The ocean isn't frozen yet, usually, when the bears start to migrate, which shrinks their hunting grounds significantly. This makes Ryrkaypiy a very dangerous place to live for the locals who take a casual strolls away from the safety of their homes.

I realize most photographers are not going to be out in a rural part of Russia shooting pictures of polar bears, but it's a wise lesson nonetheless. If you're going out into the wild alone, you need to know how to at least try and defend yourself from something like a Polar Bear. In this case, just act like you're a threat to the bear letting them know they'd be wise to move along and hope they fall for it. 

If you are planning on going out into the wild alone, at least tell someone where you're going and be prepared to defend yourself... from anything.