Rumors Heating Up on Canon Cameras Coming Later This Year

Can Canon Catch Up to Sony in 2018?

Canon logo.jpgTechRadar recently decoded a post on Nokishita, a Japanese camera news and information site, about Canon recently registering at least five new cameras online. 

With Photokina on the horizon for September, many are speculating Canon might soon be announcing new equipment to the world. While there are no specs available to the public, Nokishita believes two of those new cameras will be DSLRs and three will be mirrorless systems. 

The DSLRs have the temporary names of K436 and K437. Based on battery sizes, Nokishita speculated the K436 might be a replacement for the EOS 80D and the K437 might replace or compete with EOS 5D Mark IV:

"The K437, meanwhile, uses the same battery as the EOS 5D Mark IV, and while that camera is less than two years old it's been overshadowed since it launched by the brilliant Nikon D850 and Sony Alpha A7R III - so we think this means we could see a replacement for Canon's top-flight full-frame DSLR. 

It could, perhaps, be the EOS 5D X, featuring the new and improved 50MP sensor that we've seen in the EOS 5DS, but with a much improved ISO performance, while the camera could build on the impressive all-round performance of the EOS 5D Mark IV. This would consolidate Canon's two high-end DSLRs into a single, multi-purpose camera that offers a high pixel count and high performance to rival the D850 and Alpha A7R III."

If this is true -- and to be clear, we have no idea if it is -- it's huge. Canon has been getting crucified by the Nikon D850 and almost every camera Sony has released in the last year. This could be very interesting. 

The Mirrorless cameras were registered online with the names K424, K433, and EC811. Nokishita believes EC811 is Canon's first full-frame mirrorless camera. 

All of this couldn't come a moment too soon. Sony has been stepping up their game vaulting past Fuji and Olympus to become a bonified part of the new big three between Canon and Nikon. DSLRs sales have been dropping while mirrorless sales are rising. This could be an exciting fall for camera lovers.