ROV and ROV Pro Camera Slider Bring Gravitas to Your Shots.

ROV slider iphone.jpg
(photo by Rhino)

Rhino is at it again. The company is well known for its high-end medium priced small camera sliders. And now it's bringing an entirely new one to the public via a Kickstarter campaign. 

As always, we warn you that not all Kickstarters pan out for its investors and it's always a risk to invest on the site. Having said that, Rhino already makes great products in the mini camera dolly category and these are merely smaller, cheaper versions for smartphones and lightweight DSLRs under 5lbs. I know what you're thinking, who has a camera that weighs more than five pounds? Add a decent lens to any high-end DSLR and you'll know who. 

The ROV and ROV pro look every bit the fit and finish of it's elder siblings from the company with one big caveat. You can use your smartphone to control it. It's about time I'm sure most of you are saying. Why carry around an extra bit of kit just to control your slider when you're already carrying around your phone. Plus, it makes them cheaper. 

EVO and EVO pro.png
(photo by Rhino)

$229 and $299? That's really not bad especially considering you can put a sony A7s2 on one of them and get some pretty professional shots. Here's the full video showing off their capabilities.


(video by Rhino)

Looks pretty good, right? Here are details of the new rigs directly from the Kickstarter: 

All-metal Unibody Rail

The unibody design of ROV sets it apart from any other camera slider ever made. Extruded from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum and CNC milled to perfection, the ROV rail allowed us to store the motor, electronics, battery, and drive system all within the itself. From the outside all that remains is an ultra sleek, beautiful shape. Other sliders put their electronics on top of the rail which raises the center of gravity and makes it much less easy to pack. 

ROV PRO comes in an exclusive gunmetal color that is polished and then bead blasted before being hard anodized. 

High-End Coreless Motor

We agonized over the motor selection for ROV. It had to be small but torquey, fast but quiet, and draw very little power. After testing dozens of stepper and DC motors we found a motor commonly used in medical and aerospace applications: Coreless DC technology. At low speeds it's super quiet and can still pull a 5lb DSLR up a 30 degree incline during a time-lapse. Money.

Insane Battery Life

Raise your hand if you like charging your gadgets. That's what we thought. No one. That's why we built in a high capacity li-po battery into ROV. During normal use, you can expect to shoot for at least 24 hours without recharging (normal usage at medium speeds). 

Low Profile iPhone Mount

Your iPhone is a beautifully designed piece of hardware, so why shouldn't your phone mount be also? We designed the iPhone mount on ROV from scratch. It has an integrated ball head so you can adjust the angle of your shot with ease. The internal spring is strong enough to hold your camera secure during long time lapses but easy enough to mount with a single hand.

Flush Folding All-Terrain Legs

We pioneered flush folding, all-terrain legs on our high end sliders. They're there if you need them, but they fold out of the way when you want to mount to a tripod. The legs on ROV us a click-lock mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the angle of the legs while still holding strong.

Tripod Mounting (on center)

Being able to center mount your camera slider is crucial when you're filmmaking on the go. We bolted a solid piece of aluminum to the bottom of the rail to ensure your slider doesn't flex when mounting to a tripod. It's tapped for both 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 and works perfectly with the ROV Tripod


Professional 1/4-20 Ball Head (you get the iPhone mount too)

ROV PRO includes both the iPhone mount and a rock solid, silky smooth ball head. It features a a quick release plate that makes mounting your DSLR or Mirrorless camera as easy as a click. The ball head and the iPhone Mount both attach via 3/8-16 thread on the carriage which allows you to use them to shoot b-roll on the ROV Tripod when you're using the other mount on your slider.

DSLR Time-Lapse

ROV PRO is capable of capturing the same beautiful time-lapses our high end EVO gear is known for. Using an intervalometer built into the hardware, ROV PRO triggers you camera to take photos when it's not moving to eliminate motion blur. Since the carriage is moving a lot less in this mode, the battery life will provide you with multiple days and nights of filming. An optional cable is required to trigger your DSLR during time-lapses. After campaign ends, we'll send out a survey that will allow you to purchase the specific cable needed for your camera.

For more information, see Rhino's Kickstarter page.