Rokton Develops Circular Image Sensor

"Why throw away half of the image?" That's the question Rokton poses when introducing its new circular image sensors. The circular lens of your camera captures a lot more than the rectangular image box, so why not get some use out of it?

Rokton's new sensors will cover an image 43mm in diameter, which would encompass fully a traditional 35mm picture. You'll be able to capture the full scope of your lens, and then crop as you see fit, rather than making do with less image than you're capable of taking.

As Dr. Hwee Ng explains, it just makes sense. "The ultimate imaging device, the human eye, is kind of round, lenses are round, and the most common photographic subject in the world - the human face - is often round too." He says it's only logical that we start using round image sensors.

The cost is a bit problematic, but lens selection should offset that, according to Ng. "We estimate a 12MP circular sensor might cost twice as much as an equivalent rectangular sensor," he says, "however you'll only need to buy one camera body which can use every lens out there."