Rokinon Releases Two New "SP" Series Prime Lenses for Canon EF Mount Cameras

Rokinon has released two new lenses for immediate sale with the "SP" designation. These lenses are claimed to carry the highest photographic quality out of all of their offerings, being suitable for images up to 50MP and 8K video. 

Rokinon SP 85-14.jpg

The SP 85mm f/1.2 and SP 14mm f/2.4 lenses have been released specifically for the Canon EF mount. Both lenses are to offer outstanding overall image quality for all Canon EF cameras (crop body and full frame alike), along with being exceptionally easy to use. 

Rokinon claims that both will produce excellent, smooth bokeh that easily separates your subject from its background. These lenses bring a much higher price tag than we are used to seeing from a Rokinon, with both coming in at US $1,299.99. This is quite expensive for manual focus only lenses, so hopefully the image quality is there to justify the cost. 

For more details, visit the Rokinon website