Rocky Nook Releases "Mastering the Nikon D7000"

Most folks don't pay attention to book publishers, instead focusing on authors. There's one publisher that's nice and easy to remember though. If just for the rhyme scheme it's hard not to associate Rocky Nook with photo books.

The latest from Rocky Nook is a guide to the Nikon D7000, written by Darrell Young, a nature photographer living near Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He's a big Nikon fan too, and is even a founding member of the Nikonians Writers Guild.

As you might imagine, "Mastering the Nikon D7000" gives you easy to follow instructions to help you master the Nikon D7000. It features color illustrations, full explanations of everything the camera can do and what each button, dial and switch does.

You can pick up the book now for $34.95 or less. Visit to get yours today.