RING Doorbell Thwarts Robbery

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Cameras are everywhere now; even your doorbells. Security cameras have been around for decades, but for them to be useful you always needed someone to watch them. You'd need a security guard at a desk or the cameras were used after a crime has happened and not as active deterrents. Advances in software are changing that. 

Many people may think they don't need a camera on their doorbell, especially one that costs $200 ($160 when it's on sale), but cameras like one's RING make are quickly replacing traditional security systems because they give you information before a break in has happened. 

This is how the RING doorbell works. Someone pushes the button to RING your doorbell and that turns on the camera -- which is then live streamed to your phone or tablet. There's also a two-way microphone/speaker on the camera, so, even if you're not home you can tell someone to "leave the package by the back door" or  "I don't know you, please go away."

Which is exactly what happened to a homeowner in Roseville, CA last week. A 
34-year-old Sacramento resident approached a house with a Ring doorbell on it and pressed the button. The camera then sent a live feed to the homeowner who wasn't home and didn't recognize the woman, so they didn't say anything and the woman left.

The homeowner kept watching on the camera though as something seemed weird and sure enough, the stranger came back... this time wearing a hoodie. 

The intruder proceeded to spray paint the ring doorbell as well as another camera, but the homeowner had already activated the alarm which scared the criminal off.

The homeowner then contacted the police and because of the footage which is not just live streamed but recorded was able to show them the female intruder. Local police identified the intruder, as she had priors, and quickly apprehended her for attempted burglary, conspiracy, vandalism and committing a felony while out on bail.

If you live in a rural area or just want to protect yourself, there are affordable camera options out there with great features now that just might offer you a little piece of mind. 

Source: CBS
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