Riley G Strapworks Makes Rockstar Worthy Camera Straps

Riley G Strap.jpg

I spent ten years of my life in different bands with incredibly diverse groups of people.  Regardless of age, sex or creed, all guitarists had one thing in common.  While guitar selection came first, strap selection was an important second.  Getting the right strap for their guitar - and my customized leather strap for my keytar - was an important process.  Riley G Strapworks is hoping that photographers will feel the same.

The custom straps offered by Riley G are impressive to say the least.  They range from the classy Speed Racer series of leather straps with a single racing stripe on up to what they call their Endagered Species. 

The Grandma's Orange Couch strap is part of that line, and it's one of the most literally named products you'll find.  It doesn't just look like it was made from an old orange couch, it was.  The same can be said of the limited edition and extremely cool 1957 Porsche Coupe straps.  They're limited because they're made from the leather of two 1957 Porsche Coupe seat covers.

These incredibly unique straps range from $74 for the Speed Racer line on up to $98 for the Endangered Species straps.