Ricoh Introduces the WG-4 and WG-4 GPS

Ricoh Imaging, the parent company of Pentax, has just announced two new lifeproof cameras: the WG-4 and WG-4 GPS. These two new models share identical camera specs, with GPS being the main difference between them. They mark the 17th generation of the Pentax/Ricoh ruggedized line-up, and Ricoh has added some interesting new features. The spotlight falls on the new accessory mounting system, which allows you to mount the WG-4 to various platforms; much like you would a GoPro camera. These include a camera base that offers a flexible ball mount and socket system, a handlebar mount, a suction cup mount, and adhesive mounts.

The camera's rugged specs include being waterproof down to 45 feet, shockproof from a 6.6 foot fall, crushproof up to 220 foot-pounds of force, freezeproof down to -14 degrees Fahrenheit, and dustproof. The WG-4s also boasts a 16-megapixel BSI CMOS image sensor, 29 different shooting modes, a 4x optical zoom with a fast f/2.0 maximum aperture, six LED ring lights mounted around the lens bezel, an upgraded AF system, and dual SR (Shake Reduction) system.

The WG-4 and WG-4 GPS come in a variety of colors, and will start shipping in March of this year with a MSRP of $329.95 and $379.95, respectively. See the official press release below for more details.


Ricoh Imaging Extends the Adventure with Debut of WG-4 GPS & WG-4 Rugged Cameras, Complete with New Mounting System

Advanced Features, Durable Construction and Versatile Mounting System Deliver the Ideal Imaging Solution for the Ultimate Explorer

DENVER, CO, February 5, 2014 - With over 20 years of experience in pioneering the design and development of adventure-ready cameras, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation (Ricoh Imaging) is pleased to introduce the Ricoh WG-4 series of rugged compact cameras and new modular mounting system. Taking usability and flexibility to the next level, the Ricoh WG-4 series of cameras and its versatile mounting accessories outfit even the most extreme adventurers with an action-ready system that is primed for the most inclement weather conditions and thrilling adventures.

Building on the outstanding ergonomics and sturdy design the WG series is known for, the Ricoh WG-4 GPS and WG-4 offer consumers a form factor ideal for the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of any explorer. When combined with the new WG mounting accessories, adventures become hands-free; extending the ability to capture action from new perspectives and vantage points ensuring that the once-in-a-lifetime shot is never missed. Consisting of a camera base which uses a flexible ball and socket system, these new mounting accessories maintain compatibility with three new mounts; an adhesive camera mount, handlebar camera mount and suction cup camera mount.

"As the 17th generation in our lineup of ruggedized compact cameras, the Ricoh WG-4 GPS and WG-4 represent the culmination of years of experience in manufacturing products that can withstand the elements," said Jim Malcolm, Executive Vice President, Ricoh Imaging. "Using our expertise in the category, Ricoh Imaging has developed an adaptable mounting solution that continues to build our offering for the active photographer while delivering on consumer demand."

Inside its rugged body, the Ricoh WG-4 series houses a variety of photographic tools to bring inspired adventure to life! Advanced shooting modes like HDR mode produce beautifully accurate scenery depicted true to memory, while Slow-Motion Video captures and enhances even the quickest action with details regular video can miss. Other user-friendly features include Panoramic mode and Digital Microscope mode, which uses six LED lights to focus on subjects as close as one centimeter from the lens bringing tiny worlds to life.

Much like Ricoh Imaging's popular line of PENTAX DSLRs, the Ricoh WG-4 series now provides enhanced flexibility and creative control with the inclusion of USER and Shutter Priority modes. The newly-incorporated USER mode enables quick recall of frequently used settings while the shutter priority mode allows the photographer to obtain the desired creative effect by setting the shutter speed and allowing the camera to adjust the aperture and ISO for the optimum exposure.

Continuing the rugged heritage of the WG series of cameras, the Ricoh WG-4 and WG-4 GPS are waterproof to 45 feet, shockproof from drops of up to 6.6 feet, cold proof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit and crushproof, withstanding up to 220 foot-pounds of force. In addition, the Ricoh WG-4 series features a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and a thoughtfully designed folded optical 4X zoom lens, enabling its pocketability while also ensuring its optics are not exposed dust and moisture like those of a protruding lens barrel. Finally, the adventure-prone explorer need not worry about blurry images. Thanks to the WG-4's fast F2.0 maximum aperture and dual shake reduction system, which combines an image-sensor-shift-type SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism with a Digital SR mode, to guarantee clear, sharp images even in shake-prone conditions.

Pricing and Availability

Updated to match the most current color trends in the outdoor industry, the new WG-4 GPS is available in a choice of blue or black for a price of $379.95. The WG-4 is available in silver or lime yellow for a price of $329.95. Both models will be available at retailers nationwide and online in March 2014.

The WG series mounting accessories are compatible will all WG-series cameras and will be available at retailers nationwide and online in February 2014 and are priced as follows:

  • Camera holder - $19.99

  • Adhesive mount - $44.99

  • Handle bar mount - $39.99

  • Suction cup mount - $42.99

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