Rezivot Brings Instant Film Converter for Medium Format Cameras

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Have you ever wanted to turn your old Hasselblad into a Polaroid camera? Well, now you can. Rezivot is a replacement back for medium format cameras that turns them into instant cameras.  This joins a growing list of add-on modules in a new market for vintage cameras. Let's re-purpose something that's collecting dust and turn into something great again. 

rezivot instant.jpg

Now, this is a Kickstarter, so, the Rezivot isn't quite a reality yet. They have prototypes and are trying to raise 200k, at which point you yourself can get one with specs like this. 


  • Weight about 400 grams including the battery. 
  • Powered by two CR2 batteries
  • Wide version use Fujifilm Instax wide film, Square version use Fujifilm Instax square film.
  • Main power switch to prevent fault press while you keep it in your bag. 
  • OLED display screen for battery and remain film counting.
  • Adaptable to mount polaroid packfilm holder's connecting plates made by various companies.

Here's a blurb from their Kickstarter page:

To expand photographic creativity, we need a brand new gadget. In recent years we have slowly lost our options in Instant film photography, but film photography is not dead, with a lot of people still shooting with films all over the globe, even more and more people joining-in too. 
Since 2015, we decided to make a new start from nothing. An instant film processor design used Fujifilm Instax wide film as our first step, mini instax versions will be our next projects. 
NOW, we have both Fujifilm Instax wide and square film for you to choose. 
Our units can be mounted on those cameras originally designed to swap their own filmholder on the back, by simply attaching the mount plate from an old polaroid / fujifilm instant packfilm holder to our processor. It's ready to use on your camera. No further modification or adjusting to your camera is needed.
With the benefit from Instax Film, the photographer now have ISO 800~1000 approximal sensitivity film to use. The condition of the lighting to take the photo is more flexible than ever. With hasselblad, you have F2.8 and F2.0 lens can shoot at nearly impossible condition when you only use films. With large format camera, you can have more stop of aperture to get the depth for group photo. And all this can happen in a blink of the eye.

For more information visit Rezivot's Kickstarter, but remember that investing in crowdfunding is always a risk and you may never receive anything, even if you pay for it.