Reuters Puts a Focus on the Rule of Thirds

Rule of 3rds.jpg

All photographers know the rule of thirds.  And while it's not something that you necessarily have to follow with every single picture you take, it's always important to remember. 

Of course, nothing reinforces something like a good example, and the latest gallery from Reuters is ajust that.  The photographs featured are an important reminder of the rule of thirds, and why it should always be in the back of your mind.

One photo in particular really hammers it into place.  It's a shot of commuters waiting at a subway station in Brazil.   The top third of the photograph shows the crowd of people, while the bottom two thirds are taken up by the subway train, except for a small space between the two trains that reveals a woman waiting for her ride.

You can see the subway photograph, as well as many other excellent examples of the rule, at the Reuters gallery page.