Reuters Pictures of the Month for April


It's amazing what can happen in a month, and nothing sums it up quite as well as photography.  Reuters has posted a slideshow of 50 photographs that best illustrate everything that went on in April.

Much of the slideshow is filled with tragedy.  A screen capture from the video footage of Hiro Muramoto, the Reuters cameraman that died earlier this month in a riot is particularly compelling.  It's no surprise that riots were a feature of this month's slideshow.

It was a natural disaster that took center stage though.  The eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano provided some truly memorable images.  The most notable is the combination of lava flowing from the volcano while lightning strikes.

But it's not all tragedy.  The slideshow features some fantastic action shots from races, soccer, golf, and even curling. 

The Reuters Picture of the Month slideshow is definitely worth a look.  You can browse through the images, save them, and even buy a print.