Reuters Cameraman Dies in Riot - Violent Footage Remains

Reuters Cameraman.jpg
There's something surreal aboug looking at pictures or watching videos taken by war photographers.  Despite the horrific violence all around them, they seem almost immune.  The images they capture act as a firsthand account, but a safe one.

But it's not a safe job, or even close to it, as we're reminded by the death of Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto.  Hiro was in Thailand shooting footage of soldiers helping to quell a riot.  The troops used rubber bullets and tear gas when needed to settle the demonstrators, who fought back with their own weapons.

In the video (Link), we can see the explosion of a grenade that sends several soldiers to the ground with injuries.  One limps by the camera while another is carried away.   Soldiers in full riot gear flood the area, moving back to a safe distance and Hiro keeps filming.

This is all from a tape that was handed in, along with Hiro's camera, by protesters.  It's not known yet whether it was the last footage shot by Hiro Muramoto, but it's believed that the tape turned in was the only one. 

Edited footage from the tape as well as more information on the incident is available from Reuters.  Hiro Muramoto is survived by his wife and two children.