Redrock Micro ultraCage Bundles Announced for Canon EOS300

redrock-c300.jpgCanon's EOS300 camera is out and ready to compete with other lower priced professional cameras like the RED. It's a sweet setup, but the camera itself isn't enough to give you everything you're looking for. You'll need a rig, like Redrock's new bundles made just for the C300.

As Saturday Night Live DP Alex Buono says, "it if you're planning on using standard accessories such as iris rods, follow focus, matte box, etc., the Redrock Micro ultraCage for the C300 is essential."

Redrock is offering five different configurations for its family of support rigs, all designed around the C300. "The C300 slides right into the ultraCage's form fitting support. All camera functions, doors, and features are completely accessible," says Redrock's James Hurd. "With our new ultraCage |blue rig configurations and accessories, you can match your new C300 to exactly your shooting style."

Find out more at Redrock.