Redrock Micro Launches Limited Edition Nikon Gold DSLR Rigs

The folks at Redrock Micro are excited about Nikon's latest DSLRs - so much so that they've launched limited edition black and gold DSLR rigs made to complement your Nikon camera.

"When we first laid eyes on the Nikon D4 and D800, we realized the advanced video capabilities would be a huge hit with filmmakers," says Redrock's James Hurd. "We created the Limited Edition Nikon Gold rigs to celebrate Nikon's achievements. There is no better way to jump into video than to pair a new Nikon DSLR with a beautifully matched, professional-quality Redrock rig."

There are three different rig configurations available, starting with the $514 RunningMan which is made just for what Redrock calls "run and gun" filmers. There are two more models available, namely the $1,482 Captain Stubling - what a weird place for a Love Boat reference - and the $2,333 Field Cinema V2.

These new rigs are, of course, compatible with any DSLR. They're Nikon colored but you couldn't be blamed for using one of these slick setups for another band.

Redrock Micro