Redrock Micro Introduces the ultraCage | blue for the Canon EOS C100

Redrock-ultraCage-blue.jpgJust a week after Canon announced the C100 camera, Redrock Micro has introduced a rig made specifically for it.  The ultraCage | blue is designed to give you just what you need out of a camera rig and will be launching right at the same time as the C100 itself.

Redrock makes a point of the flexibility of their new rig. You'll find mounting points on all sides including top and bottom, as well as both top and bottom rails. Your accessories can go just where you want them to. You'll also get complete access to your camera, even the detachable hand grip.

The ultraCage | blue is highly customizable and pricing is based on what you add to the rig. The baseline version runs $550, and is available for preorder now, directly from Redrock.