Redrock Micro Introduces microTies for Cable Management

Redrock-micro-Ties.jpgIf you've dealt with camera rigs, you've probably had trouble with wire management. Your camera rig ends up looking like the spaghetti behind your TV - not a good setup at all. You can rig up some solutions using zip ties that you have to cut off at the end of each use or you can use tape that leaves sticky residue, but Redrock has a better option in mind.

The company's new microTies are lightweight and simply clamp on to any 15mm rod. They won't scratch the surface and they're simple to attach and detach. They'll secure any cable you've got and even offer a channel for grease pencils for follow focuses.

Redrock Micro microTies are available now at a price of $24.50 for a three pack. You can pick them up directly from Redrock Micro or from any of their authorized dealers.