Redrock Micro Adds FollowFocus Units Packing "Back to New" Gearboxes

Redrock-FollowFocus.jpgIt's an unavoidable fact - every piece of camera gear you own will eventually start to wear down. Things don't always operate the way they did when you first got them, but the new follow focus units from Redrock Micro aim to give you a chance to reset the dial. Thanks to a an adjustable backlash, FollowFocus units are able to return to "like new" condition at any time.

Redrock has also included special features just for dSLR users in their microFollowFocus | blue. By including a hard-stop mechanism on the follow focus, you don't have to worry about dealing with a free-spinning focus ring.

Redrock has a few different configurations of the FollowFocus available, with pricing starting at $595.