Redrock Announces a Rig for Canon's New EOS C300 Cameras

ultraCage.jpgCanon's new EOS C300 cinema camera is generating quite a bit of interest from filmmakers, but the camera alone isn't enough to secure it a spot in motion pictures. As cameraman Eric Wolfinger puts it, "The [standalone camera] design is great, but wouldn't really work in a production environment without the support from Redrock."

Redrock's new ultraCage | blue rig was made specifically for the C300 and was used in all of the promotional videos that Canon showed along with the release of the camera. It offers a form-fitting design, tool free modular design and high-end cinema ready features.

If you're digging the sound of the ultraCage but you don't have the camera it was made for, the ultreCage | blue Universal can help you out. Like the name implies, it's made to play nice with DSLRs and digital cinema cameras alike.

Redrock Micro

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