RED Launches The Scarlet-X Hybrid Still/Video Camera

RED_Scarlet-X.pngYou'll see new names in the accessories market all the time, but it's pretty rare to see a new contender in the world of cameras - especially one that's made as big an impact as RED. Their cameras have been huge influences on the film industry and the latest will almost certainly find a home with both film and still photographers.

The Scarlet-X is a brand new camera from RED that's designed to combine two types of cameras into one; and make a better product out of both. On one hand, it's a video camera, recording at a 4K resolution at speeds of up to 30 frames per second.

On the other hand, the Scarlet-X has the ability to capture 5K RAW still images. Even better, it offers you the ability to take those images at up to 12 frames a second. The Scarlet-X looks to be a direct competitor to Canon's latest EOS C300 cinema cameras as well.

Red is taking preorders on the Scarlet-X now, with prices starting at $9,750. Click Here to preorder yours today.