Quick Tip: How to Manually Expose an iPhone Camera

iphone af lock.png
If you're on any form of social media in the past few years you may have noticed that people have been posting some pretty great images taken with their iPhones. 

You may also notice, that yours never come out as well as some other people's do. Take for example these two photos taken just seconds apart in the exact same location on the exact same model iPhones. The first one was taken by my wife...

Genos wife.jpg
The next photo was taken by me about six seconds later. 

genos me.JPG
What's the difference? How does mine look so much better? I'd like to think it's natural talent and also waiting for the cars to pass (clear your frame, woman!),  but actuality, all I did was this --

  • Turn off your flash
  • Touch and hold a finger on screen to lock the AF
  • Slide your finger up and down the screen (on the little sun icon) to select your exposure. 
  • Voila, better image.
That's it. Now, granted this was after we went to Pat's Steaks so she could've just been a little off her game with all that meat and cheese wafting through the air. 

Apple recently released a video demonstrating exactly how you can do it and although the video focuses on night time photography, the same principles apply to daytime photography. So, if your iPhone lighting doesn't look right to you, it's super easy to fix it.

Source: APPLE