Qualcomm Develops New Mobile Power-User Processor, with Enhanced Photo and 4K Video Capabilities

Snapdragon 835.pngNo matter what you use your smartphone for, whether its photography, VR or gaming; the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor has been designed to increase battery life while providing the power you need to handle all current app demand, and even those that are yet to come.

Along with the more powerful, more efficient design; the processor is now 35% smaller, so it will take up less room in your devices. At the leading front of the innovations, Qualcomm's improvements are based on the new trend of Security, VR, 360° images and video, and other processor intensive apps like mobile gaming. Internet speed and reliability has also been improved to reduce interruptions.

What makes this new sensor of interest to photo and video buffs is the advancements it offers for both still photos and 4K video. Qualcomm notes that, the new 835 processor "features improved zoom and stabilization for photos and videos by developing highly optimized software algorithms designed to toggle intelligently between processing sub-systems like the Qualcomm Spectra 180 ISP, Hexagon 682 DSP, and Adreno 540 GPU to deliver a smooth zoom experience. Qualcomm Technologies' newest generation of video stabilization software, EIS 3.0, is engineered to provide superior 4K video stabilization through advanced yaw, roll, and rolling shutter correction."

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