Qimage Pro 6.3 Now Has "Shadow Noise" Filter For 2MPixel Images

That maniac of megapixel manipulation is at it again! Mike Chaney has just released Qimage Pro 6.3 with a breakthrough filter can tell the difference between image and noise!

Can your imaging software tell the difference between image and noise?  Foreground and background?  No?  Maybe it should!   Most new cameras with more than 2 megapixel CCD imagers suffer from some sort and some degree of shadow noise. This effect can be seen in just about any high contrast or low light image.

Besides all of this Qimage Pro is still the best printing program available for Windows users. Sort through your picture folders with thumbnails to visually find the ones you want to print. Drag-n-drop them onto a page template for multiple images per page, add EXIF header info if you want, various filters can be "associated" with images so that the originals never get modified and therefore retain the important camera data in the headers.

If you haven't tried Qimage Pro yet, download your copy today!