Profoto Reveals the BatPac Portable Battery Pack


There's something about the word BatPac that just sparks the attention of a certain group of people, who dream of utility belts stocked with Batarangs and Bat Shark Repellant.  The BatPac isn't quite up to superhero snuff, but it's great for photographers.

If you need to shoot where electricity doesn't reach, there aren't a lot of options available.  The BatPac makes things a bit simpler, by providing you with a 25 lbs portable battery system in a nylon bag.

The BatPac has enough juice to power 300 flashes at 1000 watts, 600 flashes at 500 watts, and 1200 flashes at 250 watts.  You can also charge your laptop and camera batteries, or use fans and constant light sources.

It's not cheap - based on the Japanese price, it's looking like somewhere in the $2,000 range - but it can be an essential tool for your shoots.  The BatPac will start shipping in June.