Print Your Photos Directly on Glass!

fracture wall kids.jpg
Fracture is a company that offers to print your pictures directly on glass (although I can't say it's the best possible name for such a service). Forget the days of running to Aaron Brother's and spending hours searching for the perfect frame and matting because they're no longer needed.


The simplistic beauty of displaying the photo this way is genius. It makes me wonder why no one has done it before. It should always be about the image, not the presentation, yet in Fracture, the image IS the presentation. 

Here's an example of how they look on a wall.

fracture bb on wall.jpg

Sharp, right? There's a thin profile that fits with the current style. We want our tv's thinner and flatter and barely protruding from the wall. Fractures have an extremely thin profile, yet they're not flat. They're elevated just enough for impact. They remind me of old Kodak Ektachrome slides. There's a simplistic beauty in seeing the image kind of floating out there. 

Now, here comes the price. They start at $18 for the "small", which is smaller than a 5x7 print. An "extra large" will set you back $125 dollars and measures 21.8" x 28.8". 

Here's a size chart on the companies website to help you visualize what they'd look like over a couch. 

Size comp fracture.jpg

When you factor in what it would cost just to have a 22" x 29" photo, plus mounting, it would most likely be way more than $125 dollars. Picture frames and mounting is expensive, especially if you let someone else do it for you. 

The only thing I think holding Fracture back is that I don't know how it would look on a wall in combination with traditionally mounted pictures. What I mean by that is this. Here's a wall of just fractures. 

fracture 3.jpg
Look at how great they look. It helps that they're all the same. The only photos on the wall are Fractures. So, I'm thinking if you want to mount your fracture on a wall with other photos in frames it might look odd. You might need to have a dedicated Fracture space with other Fractures to achieve the desired look. This is not a knock on the product, it's more like when you buy a new couch and you get it home and then your existing coffee table and love seat look terrible because the new couch is new and different. This really only leaves you one choice... replace everything.