Previously Unseen 9/11 Photos Released

It was over eight years ago that two planes struck the World Trade Center in New York City.  Those that witnessed it or watched it on the news will never forget the images of that day.  A new set of images released from the New York Police Department shows the tragedy from a different viewpoint.

Air space around the towers was completely restricted after the planes hit; the only aircraft allowed anywhere near the area were police helicopters.  Detective Greg Semendinger was on one of those helicopters, and he took in excess of two hundred digital photos as well as going through three rolls of film with his Minolta.

The photos were previously not made public, but a Freedom of Information Act request from ABC news led the NYPD to release the images.  They present an amazing view from above the towers and show the true scale of the enormous clouds of ash that covered New York City for weeks after the attack.

The photos, and an interview with Greg Semendinger, can be seen at