Pre-Production Nikon D4 and D800 and Plenty More Stolen From Nikon Truck in Dublin, Ireland

D4-stolen.pngLast week, rumors started going around that a Nikon truck had been stolen, along with pre-production versions of the D4 and D800. On Friday, Nikon confirmed that these rumors are indeed true and expanded a bit, saying that over 100,000 pounds ($158,000) worth of gear was taken, including the two rumored items.

Nikon UK's communications manager Claudio Paul says that many of the details are going to stay private, including a list of the gear that was stolen. The company has also not revealed the circumstances of this crime, simply that the van was taken. We don't know how it was done, whether it was intentional or not or any other details on what happened.

The truck was stolen on the way home from a roadshow, but Nikon says that's not going to stop future roadshows. Paul assures that arrangements have been made and future events will be unaffected.