Luna Turns Your iPad Into an Extra Screen With No Lag

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Astro HG has been making iPad mirroring solutions for a few years now; Astropad and Astropad Pro have been a solid solution for anyone who wants to use their iPad as a drawing tablet tethered to their Mac by either wifi or USB. 

Now, they're upping their game with Luna. Luna is a Kickstarter project that uses physical hardware, a tiny USBC or Micro-DisplayPort dongle that with an app, wirelessly turns your iPad into a second screen with no lag.


They even have a plug in option if wifi is unavailable. To quote their Kickstarter page: "Powered by our unique LIQUID technology, Luna was designed from the very beginning to work wirelessly. However, if Wi-Fi is not available, USB is also a great reliable alternative."

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Think about how useful this is for photographers. Not only can you fit an extra monitor in your bag that takes up almost no space... you can use Photoshop with its full processing power on your tablet with the apple pencil! Think about how much better it would be to punch in and clean up zits and rubber stamp trees everywhere with a touch sensitive pencil than a mouse?

Why hasn't apple done this yet? The second screen option is great and would be worth it on its own, but the ability to use programs with a touch screen now that you couldn't before is a game changing function. Why should you have to buy a whole other system or bulky screen when you can use equipment you might already own?

Now, this is a Kickstarter project, but at the time of this article, they had over 50 days left and had already exceeded their goal by over 10x. So, the odds of it coming to market are almost assured. Plus this company has already proved that their technology works with the Astropad, this is just a higher end version designed to take advantage of your computers processing power. Products like this are my favorite part about crowd funding, if you build it, he will come. 

And yes I wrote "he will" because that's the correct quote for the movie. It's all about Kevin Costner getting a chance to see his dad again, not him watching a bunch of ghost baseball players play baseball. 

Source: Kickstarter