Portraiture 2 for Adobe Photoshop CS5 is Now Available


With the release of a brand new Photoshop comes the release of brand new Photoshop plug-ins.  

Imagenomic has announced that the Portraiture 2 plug-in is now available for Photoshop CS5.  It works for both PC and Mac, and adds 64-bit support for each system.

The Portraiture plug-in was designed for exactly what it sounds like.  It eliminates a lot of the hassle involved in retouching photographs and removes imperfections while preserving important details.  It's even got an auto-mask feature that can adjust a photograph without any manual work by you.

You can pick up Portraiture 2 for $199.95, upgrade from Portraiture 1 for free, or download a 15 day free trial directly from Imagenomic.