Polaroid Shows off a Range of Accessories at Photo Plus Expo

Polaroid-Accessories.jpg The Polaroid name may be more closely associated with instant photo cameras, but the company has a wide range of accessories that it showed off at Photo Plus with a bit of a focus on LEDs.

The new $79 112 bulb LED bar is designed to be easily transportable but still offer up even and natural lighting and includes removable barn doors and a built in dimmer so you can get just what you're after. There's also a new Dual Flash with the ability to sustain a continuous LED light for video. It also includes both manual and auto zoom at a price of $129.

Polaroid has plenty more to reveal, including a variable density filter that gives you a range from ND3 to ND400 and a brand new 100 percent carbon fiber tripod that's made to be lighter but still highly durable.