Polaroid Announces New Line of Conversion Lenses

When people think of Polaroid, their thoughts usually turn to instant photography - getting a picture with their favorite celebrity, enjoying family photos as soon as they come out and shaking the photo to help it develop faster.

Of course, the company does more than just that. Polaroid has just announced a new line of lenses, for instance. "Polaroid is known to offer innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use products," says Polaroid president Scott Hardy. "We're thrilled to offer photographers of all skill levels high-quality lenses that help bring creative visions to life."

The lineup starts with a 58mm 2.2x Telephoto and .43x Wide Angle lens which attaches to your existing lens. The Studio Series 0.3x Ultra Fisheye lens adapter pops onto an SLR lens or camcorder and provides a 180 degree view of the action. Polaroid has also announced the 900mm Mirror Lens, designed for use in wildlife and sports photography.

These new lenses are available now; all of which look very affordable. Get more details at Polaroid's website.