Polaroid Announces New HD Action Cameras

The folks at Polaroid have announced a new line of action cameras designed to capture point-of-view footage of your favorite outdoor activities - the stuff you wouldn't want to risk filming with a normal camera. Whether its surfing, skiing, snowboarding or skydiving, Polaroid's new cams are designed to come along for the ride.

The Polaroid XS7 and XS20 are simpler cameras, capable of photographing at 5MP and recording video at 720p. The XS20 steps it up a bit by offering motion sensed recording and eight LEDs for recording in darker conditions.

The XS100, which comes in at $199, gives you 1080p video, an auto-rotation sensor that ensures that the camera is always focused on what it needs to be, adjustable frame rates for time-lapse and slow-motion shooting and even dual-recording in HD and a smaller format for uploading to Facebook and YouTube.

Polaroid's new cameras will start showing up on retailer's shelves sometime in October, 2012.