PocketWizard Photo Contest Could Net you a Wireless Kit and Website Hosting

PocketWizard.jpgPocketWizard and the folks over at SmugMug have teamed up to create the first ever PocketWizard photo contest.

As you might imagine, the point of the contest - dubbed "Make it Possible" - is to show off what can be done by using an off-camera flash triggered by a PocketWizard radio. You'll need to use at least one to qualify for the contest.

"We look forward to the submissions we'll receive from photographers of all levels who understand the benefit of shooting with off the camera flash," says LPA Design marketing manager Heather Ambrose. "Having Mark Wallace as our contest judge brings it all together. As a photographer he's technically proficient, as a teacher he's first-rate and as a judge he'll be suburb."

Visit PocketWizard for more info on the contest and to send in your submission. You have until December 30th to submit.