PMDA's "Portraits of Love" Needs You!

This is the third year that the PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association have organized Portraits of Love, a project that aims to provide soldiers serving overseas with portraits of their loved ones.

It's a sweet project and it's done entirely on a volunteer basis - that's why the PMDA needs you. Pro photographers and portrait studios are being called upon to offer their services to families of deployed military personnel free of charge between the first of October and the end of December.

If you volunteer for the project, you'll be asked to photograph families and then upload the images to a server. From there, the photos will be printed free of charge and sent out to the soldiers from there.

"In 2010, we had more than 400 photographers host portrait sessions for families on military bases and in studios throughout the country," said PMDA president Joellyn Gray. "The photography community has always been amazingly generous with its time and resources around this cause, and we believe we'll be able to do even more with their support this year."

If you want to sign up to volunteer or just find out more, visit Portraits of Love.